Claremont Fan Court School, Esher

It began from small but very significant foundations in 1922. The first families in the then separate girls’ school, Clear View, were Christian Scientists who wished to establish a school for their daughters that advocated seeing good in all. When this school moved to Claremont House in 1931, it took the name Claremont.

A year later, several teachers who were Christian Scientists established Fan Court, a boys’ Preparatory School in Chertsey. They chose the motto ‘Be Strong’, reflecting the importance placed on nurturing spiritual strength.

The two schools amalgamated in 1978 to become Claremont Fan Court School, a proudly co-educational Preparatory and Senior School. Claremont’s torch, lighting the path to understanding and Fan Court’s lion representing spiritual strength were united in our crest, and in turn inspired our motto to “Be Strong In Understanding”. Claremont Fan Court has never had a formal connection with any church, however, it is proudly a school with a broad sense of spirituality.

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