Benenden School, Kent

Bailey Grounds Management took over the contract for the management and maintenance of the school grounds at Benenden in Kent in 2010.

  • Sports surfaces

  • Sports facility development

  • Parklands & access

  • Ornamental gardens

  • Outdoor education areas

  • Introduction of biodiversity

  • Materials purchased

  • Staff employed and managed by BGM

  • Temp staff supplied by BGM

  • Advisory Services

Benenden has been one of the leading Boarding Schools in Britain, founded in 1924. But it’s history dates back to the 17th century. Historical material held in the Archives dates back to around the 17th century, with maps, documents, drawings and photographs chronicling the history of Hemsted House. The site on which the School stands is of great historical interest as both the parkland and woodland are mentioned in the Domesday Book: “Robert of Romney also holds Benenden [Benendine] from the Bishop of Bayeux”. Benenden had become sufficiently permanent by 1086 to have both a name and a church.

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