Support & Advice Services

Bob Bailey’s experience and background is in advising Independent Schools throughout the country on their grounds, purchasing policies and recruitment issues throughout his career.

Bob has arranged either fully outsourced grounds management, benchmarking or solutions to staffing issues for many leading schools such as Wellington College, Benenden School, University of Reading and Gordon’s School.

Advice and Benchmarking

BGM’s advice services span the following areas. Advice given in person or over the phone is usually followed by a more formal benchmarking process.

Discreet appraisal of in-house staff

This includes the following:

  • Motivation
  • Loyalty to school
  • Skill level
  • Ability to benefit from training
  • Safety awareness
  • Personality clashes
  • Awareness of the benefit of up-to-date equipment
  • Vision (mainly Head Groundsman)

Experience has shown that around 60% of existing school grounds teams can raise their game if they are assisted with sympathetic guidance and judicious purchase of key elements of new equipment. Clearly, this approach does not always work and when there is resistance to “modernising” the key reasons behind it have to be assessed, again sympathetically, and the issues discussed with the Bursar.

Cost saving measures

Focussing on staffing levels, correct choice of equipment and efficient sourcing of materials. Typically an immediate 30% saving on the materials budget is possible. Often modifying entrenched and old fashioned methods can release considerable savings in staff, equipment and materials.

Efficient purchasing of grounds equipment

Careful monitoring of the latest developments in technology, combined with established relationships with suppliers means we can advise on the appropriate equipment to purchase and from where. Then crucially, deciding whether the purchase is actually necessary!

Estate and grounds development and planning

The knowledge accrued from managing over 100 Independent Schools assists us in providing advice for any forward planning that you may have. In particular, there is often a “maintenance tail” to any project which may result in sizeable cost implications further down the line.

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